Q: How do I view the different memories that have been sent in?

A: Click on the memories link on the home page. You will then go to the memories page that will have the years listed from when people have graduated from Whitehaven. Click on a year and you will see the different people that have sent in something that graduated in that year. If you click on there name you will go to a page that has a thumbnail image of all that was sent in by that particular person. To view the image in its original size, click on that image and this will open the image in full size.


Q: I have some memories that I want to send to get on the site. Where do I need to send them?

A: Send them by email to Jay VanWinkle at this address (silverfox_38829@yahoo.com) or send them by mail to Jay VanWinkle 224 CR 5091 Booneville, MS or call 662-728-3169. 

or  email to John Helms at john@johnhelmsgallery.com


Q: I have pictures to send by email. How do I need to send them?

A: Please send one email with all the pictures sent as an attachment in jpeg format.


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